Autogrill is the name of the third single by Super Seven.

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A composition in the country/rock key, with psychedelic and blues influences, it’s an ordinary song that tells a girl’s life, her doubts, fears, dreams and hopes.Set in an Autogrill along the highway, in a red earth in Texas, the narrator tells about a girl who has to fight against her hard life, she has to face her fears and try to reach her deepest dream, finding the love.

After many heart’s disappointments, at least she’ll must have to find the strength to escape from there and run toward her path for a better life.
It’s a standard rock ensemble, with a drum, bass, electric guitar, keyboard with synths and strings and a massive choir that enhances the semantic of lyrics during the whole song.

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releases November 26, 2020
Track credits:
Matteo Cristino (Lead vocals & bass)
Diego Soddu (Guitars & backing vocals)
Fabio Frau (Keyboards)
Steve String (Drum & backing vocals)

Andrea Erbi (Mix & Mastering)
Mattia Tocco (Graphics)